She was born in Jihlava (Czech Republic) on May 14, 1974. At Primary School, she was included in the athletic team, however, serving rather as a reserve there. Subsequently, she graduated at High School and the Management Academy.

She made a living as an au pair in Munich (where she realized she would never enjoy taking care of children), as a cleaning lady in London, but mostly by routine administrative office work.

With her sister in Prague, she founded the New Factory creative studio, where they conducted and lectured courses on Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, based on the Betty Edwards teaching method. It was one of the inspirational and important periods in her life, because she could stand on her own feet while being fulfilled by the fast progress achieved by her students thanks to this method. The studio terminated its activities several years later.

Romana is devoted to writing. She wrote the anti-Utopian novel SYMBOLION — a story on the borderline of the science fiction and magical realism genres, with elements of virtual reality. The novel was translated into English and is currently finding its path to the publisher.

In her writing, Romana was influenced by Ray Bradbury’s short stories and novels. Through his poetics, with which he wrote his timeless messages, he taught her to enjoy sci-fi (although he personally ranked his works in the fantasy genre).

Now she is writing the second volume of “Symbolion”, in which she intends to conclude the story of the search for an escape from the Orwellian society.

The writer’s surname, “Kršňák”, is an ancient Bohemian term for a left-handed person, which is literally suited to Romana, because she is a lefthander herself. As she says, although the whole world is sometimes turned topsy-turvy, it seems more bearable if she can create. 

She takes walks, photographs, paints and writes original works.

If you wish to peek into her world, you can see her paintings, photographs or visit the virtual world of “Symbolion” at